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Lets start with , I have a $500 57 Willys wagon with a rusty frame,

Tom ended up buying the PRICEY 4BT last night

He bought an entire Frito Lay truck. The back of the 4BT is the same as a 6BT ( Cummins ) so I used the adapter and trans from a 92 Dodge Cummins. Same starter also and the belt drive from the front of the Dodge

Now that the budget has increased for the Willys (Due to Tom owning it now....), I will be building it specifically for Peterson's 4Wheel & Offroad Ultimate Adventure 2013

I started on the frame for Tom's Wagon since my Dart is off at the bodyshop. It is made from 3x4" 3/16 wall tubing. I am stretching the wheelbase to 112". I have a set of Rubicon Express 1.5" SOA springs and leaf spring hardware from Ruff Stuff. The front D-ring shackles are from Ballistic Fabrication and were the only one long enough to fit through the 3" thick crossmember. The crossmember is the front bumper, that way nothing will be directly in front of the front tires.

All tacked together.

I will finish weld the connections next weekend and add some gussets to certain areas. Gonna be Ultimate Adventure strong

springs mounts squared and tacked in place

And skid plate mounts welded

Steering box location is perfect , tie rod will not rub against the draglink and managed to keep minimum front overhang

The box is also level and not angled like the factory has them mounted, this may alter the effective ratio

Beauteous Dana Sixeous

...And introducing in the other corner, weighing in at over 500lbs..... Corporate... 14 Bolt!

Fuel tank is mounted.

The fuel tank is a CJ7 15 gallon poly tank, I will be switching it to a Pre-'80 tank in order to get the larger inlet which will be needed for the output of the diesel pumps

The skid plate is from Max-Bilt, I actually mounted it backwards so that the high bolts are in the rear.

Fabricating the lower steering box mounts

Frame is now upright and ready to start assembling and painting as I go (with brush on paint)

body off the old frame

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