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Bulldozer - Off Road Willys Wagon

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Body plus new frame

I will have to remove the front fenders and make new ones for the slightly altered wheelbase.

Start of the motor mounts

This is how the motor looks in place

skid plate assembly will hang about 6" below the frame rail to clear the transfercase

Seats came in from Corbeau. They are heated Baja RS suspension seats.

I also got the rock sliders welded on. The whole exo-cage and front fenders will be based off of them.

I started making the tube fenders

I mounted the steering column, nice and centered with the seat. I hate offset steering wheels (Cavaliers, etc...)

Intercooler mounting has been figured out.

Intercooler is mounted and so are the radiator and a/c condenser.

A/c compressor is mounted as well

Steering shaft is now made with the Flaming River pinch joints

I made the down pipe from two 3" elbows and used a Dodge Cummins heat shield. It has V-bands at each end.

Out back is a Summit welded turbo muffler. It is almost a straight through design. I am curious how it will sound. It came painted a primer-grey color. It will be protected by the tire. I will most likely lengthen the rear pipe to have it exit closer to the rear of the wagon.

The box to cover the exhaust downpipe

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